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Committed to Seek Unconventional Approaches. In a rapidly evolving climate, normal levels of performance, though reachable without solicitous trouble, may not amount to match clients’ true needs. In the modern marketplace, where competition holds all concerns, legal problems may require an irregular ingredient: a neat blend of business built-in mindset and exceptional legal techniques.


Clients’ Satisfaction Through Total Quality Management Applications. In our Firm’s perspective, clients’ satisfaction calls for implementing four elements: 1.Well defined needs. 2.Accurately determined targets visibly matching such needs. 3.Well planned means eligible to attaining such targets. 4.A defect free performance.


Machean’s Skills

Practice Area80%
Happy Customer100%
Firm Size70%
Success Case90%

2018 winning Award

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they.


Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they.

Legal Protection

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they.


Egyptian and Foreign Companies

    1. Abou Simbel Maritime Agency.
    2. Almisriyya Alarabia for Maritime Transport.
    3. Egyptian Gulf Agency ltd.
    4. Egyptian Transport and Commercial Services Co. (Egytrans).
    5. Egyptian Marine Insurance Consultations & Services (EMICS).
    6. Latt Trading & Shipping.
    7. Mahoney Shipping & Marine Services.
    Egyptian Companies
    Maritime and Transportation Companies
  • 8. Mahoney Shipping & Marine Services.

    9. Mediterranean Maritime Company.

    10. Medlevant Shipping Agency.

    11. Ship & Crew.

    12. Sun International Company for Transportations.

    13. Worms Alexandria Cargo Service.

    14. El Hamamsy Marine Services Ltd.

    15. Makabatty for Shipping agencies.

    16. Rafimar (international Multimodal Transport Company).

    1. Arab Petroleum Pipelines Company (Sumed).
    2. Sidi Kreir Petrochemicals (Sidpec).
    3. Egyptian Alkyl Benzene(Elab).
    4. TAM Company.
    Egyptian Companies
    Petroleum Companies
    1. ABCO Group.
    2. Abu Quir Fertilizers.
    3. AC Boilers Egypt.
    4. Al-ansar General Trade & Construction Company.
    5. Alex Engineering Car Co.(AECC).
    6. Amria Metal Company.
    7. Alsalam Medical.
    Egyptian Companies
    Trading, Construction and Industrial Companies
  • 8. Dan Trade.

    9. Darwish Scan.

    10. Dyestuffs and Chemicals Company “Ismadye”.

    11. Egycot for International Trading.

    12. Egyptian Traders.

    13. Egyptian Trading and Industrial Company (Ragab).

    14. Genco Construction.

  • 15. Georgida for Construction.

    16. International Company for food Industry (Gratsia).

    17. Louritzen Cool Logistics Egypt.

    18. Ramage Furniture.

    19. Shony Company.

    20. Sigma for International Supplies.

    21. Upscale development Holding.

    1. North Coast University.
    2. Pharos University.
    3. Egypt – Japan University of Science & Technology.
    4. Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport.
    5. The School of Engineering at the Cairo University.
    Egyptian Companies
    1. Alexandria Governorate.
    2. Damietta Port Authority.
    3. The Authority of River Transportation.
    4. The Authority of dry inland ports.
    5. The Egyptian ministry of Transport.
    Egyptian Companies
    Governmental Entities
    1. Alexandria Business Association.
    Egyptian Companies
    Non-governmental Entity
    1. Al Ahleia Insurance Co. S.A.K. (Kuwait).
    2. Ameral Metals Ltd (Jordan).
    3. Ansaldo Caldaie (Italy).
    4. AOk, Thueringen (Germany).
    5. Moletrade Mineralimbex Trading Company ltd. (Hungary).
    6. Multi Trading Ship Management (Greece).
    7. Nasta (Greece).
    Foreign Companies
  • 8. Puffin Shipping Lines ltd (London).

    9. REATS Club (Rotterdam, The Netherlands).

    10. Saxonia Medical.

    11. TT Club (London).

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