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Taher Hozayen

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Taher Hozayen

Team Leader


Taher Hozayen is the one of the team leader. He is an English, speaker with fair French tongue. A lawyer admitted before the Egyptian Court of Cassation; member of the Egyptian Bar; the International Bar Association (London); fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (London), and presently chairman of the Cairo Branch of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators; the International Referral (London); Alexandria Business Association; the British Egyptian Business Association and other business associations. Mr. Hozayen practiced advocacy and legal research since 1972.

Mr. Hozayen practiced arbitration, as arbitrator and as counsel, since 1990. The fields of experience varied, but generally included Commercial Law, Banks’ Law, Maritime Law, Transportation, Transportation Concessions and BOTs, Logistics Parks and Logistics Centers; Insurance and Marine Insurance, Construction Law and Construction Contracts. Mr. Hozayen additionally acted twice as a Member of Parliament where he was member of the Legislative Committee, the Committee on Economics, the Committee on Transportation and the Committee on National Security and Defense. He actually participated in drafting, reviewing, discussing and enacting the relevant economical and financial statutes governing concessions, PPP, trade, Economical Courts, labour laws, the Law of Social Security.

Pratice Areas

  • Arbitration
  • Litigation
  • Associations
  • Research

I. Profession


Since 1998, Mr. Hozayen has acted as arbitrator and counsel in arbitral disputes in almost 32 international and local cases. Such diversity of cases varied between institutional (CRCICA – ICC – LCIA – AAA) and AdHoc. Details are as follows:

  • in 2 case, as sole arbitrator;
  • in 4 cases, as chairman of the arbitral tribunal;
  • in 11 cases, as co-arbitrator;
  • in 14 cases, as counsel;
  • in 1 case, as candidate council, and
  • in 1 case, as assistant counsel.

The types of cases varied. The majority of these were of commercial nature. Few were maritime cases or related to concessions. Arbitral disputes related to construction contracts and contracts of the supply of construction equipment and materials and concessions mounted to almost eight of these cases making almost 29.5% of the said number of cases.


Mr. Hozayen can hardly trace the number of cases he handled before the State Courts. It is positive, however, that such cases varied from disputes litigated before the Courts of First Instance to such held before the Supreme Courts. The disputes mostly related to all fields of business law, including maritime and construction cases.


Mr. Hozayen was graduated in Cairo University in 1971. By the end of that year he became member of the Egyptian Bar. Since then he constantly practiced advocacy and legal research. Later he was, inter-alia, admitted before, admitted as, or became member of:

  • the International Bar Association (1976);
  • the Egyptian Supreme Court (1990);
  • Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (1989);
  • the Alexandria Business Association (1989);
  • Egyptian Maritime Society (1988);
  • the British Egyptian Business Association, BEBA (2013).
  • International Referral (2014).


In the context of legal research, Mr. Hozayen was the author of:

  • articles and participated in research on, inter-alia, The Endorsement of The Bill of Lading under the Egyptian Maritime Code; The Preliminary Voyage; Ideas on Competition law; Maritime Arbitration in England; The Use of Containers in Transporting Cargo in Egypt, the Legal Aspects; Egyptian Harbors’ Reform, the Legal Aspects; Export Processing Zones, freight forwarding, commissioner of transport and multimodal operations, Logistics Centers and Multimodal Transportation; Assistance to the Minister of Transportation on the Rules Governing Economical Activities in the Egyptian Harbors (a research in collaboration with The Centre of Research Relating to Maritime Transportation of The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport);
  • contributed to several Research tasks in Collaboration with The Centre of Research Relating to Maritime Transportation of The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport; The Section of Transportation at the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University; The Ministry of Transportation; The Transportation Research Authority; The Dry Port Authority;
  • lectured to classes of under-graduates on Business Law and Maritime Law at the Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport;
  • Hozayen drafted a bill on a proposed statute of what was named ‘The East Port-Said Logistics Park’. The Bill was prepared with the assistance of the members of ‘The Private Committee for the Promotion and Implementation of The East Port-Said Logistics Park’.

II. Other

Mr. Hozayen is currently the Chairman of the Cairo Branch of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Earlier he acted as Vice Chairman of the Branch’s Committee and before that, the Secretary thereof.

Mr. Hozayen acted as MP twice, in 1984 and 2005. He was then member of the Parliamentary Committees of Defence & National Security, Legislation, Economics and Transportation.

III. Fields of practice

Taher Hozayen, through Mackean Law Firm, has offered legal services in numerous areas of Business Law. The Firm, since its early years, has been well known as specialised, particularly, in international sales of goods and transportation, concessions and the related matrix of contracts. Mr. Hozayen was additionally know as arbitrator and counsel in arbitral cases.

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